Meet the Parents!

So… we made it through Josh’s ancestral line. Now His story begins, right?!



First. Let’s meet the parents!  After all, I’d say that the P’s are a pretty good barometer of a person’s character. Were they kind and loving? Honest and upright? I mean, seriously, I’d like to know if Josh has trust issues… or worse! So, yeah, let’s meet mom and dad…

Mom was pretty young when she became pregnant with Josh. And, well… she wasn’t exactly married. I mean, she was engaged, so she was almost married, but, no. Not married. …

Also, Mary (Josh’s Mom) hadn’t actually been with a man yet. (Aka, she hadn’t had relations.)

(man) + (woman) = baby… right?

mmm… most of the time, yes.

Ever watched those weird medical shows that highlight rare  medical anomalies? I remember on in particular about a woman arriving to the ER with a bad stomach ache, only to find out she was pregnant.. and delivering her baby! all the while claiming, “I didn’t even know I was pregnant!” Just to be clear,  that’s NOT what we’re talking about with Josh’s Mom… so keep that in mind.

Here’s the incredible difference with Josh’s mom. God placed Josh into his Mom’s womb through His Holy Spirit

Yep. Go ahead and take a moment with that. It’s a big deal.

And, while you’re brain explodes with all kinds of logic and reasoning, here are some other mind-blowing concepts to kick around:

Each corresponding Wikipedia page is linked for your reading pleasure. And, hey, if you’re in a really investigative mood,  why don’t you see how many, miraculous, but beautifully natural oddities, you can come up with on your own!


Anyone with two eyes and a brain can attest to the fact that there are some pretty incredible things in life all around us. Some stuff scientists have been able to unlock and explain in a manner we can accept (aka, the above cool things). But, even before we were able to click on a Wikipedia link (or sit through a science class) and unravel some of nature’s hidden mysteries, the above truths were still valid. In other words, their validity didn’t change just because we figured them out. Rather, our understanding or perception of those things changed. Yes… even back when the earth was… ahem.. flat.
Are you willing to accept a truth that may not be explainable in our perception of nature today?  if your answer is, “Absolutely not!” then you might have a hard time with the rest of Josh’s story. (But you’re still welcome, and I encourage you, to stalk him through this blog!)
If you’re hesitant but wiling to entertain the idea that maybe we can’t explain EVERYTHING we see today, I say, “great!” Keep reading.
And, of course, If you get it and are willing to open up your mind to some of the mysteries of heaven, then my friend considered yourself blessed!

Now, back to the story.

If your immediate reaction toward Josh’s mom’s pregnancy was, “no way!” you weren’t alone. You see, her fiancé, Joseph, had the same reaction. BUT, he was a nice guy, so rather than have her stoned (yes, that was actually a thing back then), he decided he would quietly call off the wedding.
Until his dream, that is….
And that’s where we’ll pick up next week.
The scriptures corresponding to this blog post can be found in the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 1, verses 18, 19. And if you need a bible to follow along, just click here!

See you next Friday!




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