The Future…

Hmmm… Prophet. Now, there’s a term that rolls off the tongue on a daily basis…

or,  Not  LOL.

In the early days of the Jewish nation of Israel, however, prophets were pretty prevelant. (Some even have their own books in the bible!)

So who were they? Fortune tellers? Apocalypse predictors? Wha???

A prophet was actually a gifted person whom God would use as his mouthpiece to talk to the  nation of Israel. Sometimes the prophets would tell the nation (or individuals) that God wasn’t happy with their ways. But, sometimes, they would share God’s delight! And, sometimes they would drop nuggets of future events, yet to happen. What they told the people, however, was pretty dependent upon what God wanted to share. Not, necessarily what the people wanted to hear.

Some of the biggie prophets of the bible: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Daniel.

So, for thousands of years, one of the futuristic nuggets the Prophets foretold was of The One coming to save the nation of Israel. That usually excited folks and these prophecies are sprinkled throughout the old testament. Sometimes being separated by hundreds of years. Here’s the kicker…


Let that sink in, because it is a VERY big deal. I mean if someone would have come to me when I was a single woman and said,

“Your husband will be six feet tall. He will be born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook. He will work in the family business. He will have one brother. He will be 37 years old when you meet. He will have had no wife or children before you.”

I might have laughed.

BUT, when I met him and found every single one of those predictions was true… the very moment he uttered, “I want to marry you,” I probably would have fainted. (In real life, I giggled…sorry)

So, yeah. Having every single prophecy line up for Josh was a BIG DEAL.

Back to the story… Joseph went to sleep that night (after Mary dropped da bomb), do you know what the angel told him?

“Everything the prophets have foretold over the last millennia is about to happen! Through you and your fiancé!”

A virgin is pregnant! And she’s going to give birth to a son. And he will be called The Christ. (AKA, the anointed one, AKA the messiah, AKA God with us)

Bing! Bing! Bing!

Image result for ringing

That’s why Joseph didn’t divorce Mary. (I know.. you wanted to think he was just a nice guy, right? Well… he probably was that, too.)

So, now all is well in Josh’s family. Mom and Dad get married without a care, and a year later are bouncing baby Josh on their knee and saving for his college fund…


Stay tuned.

BTW, you can find today’s scripture  here.


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