True Story, Dude!!

There’s this guy… Josh.

Josh and I have been really good friends for fourteen years. Yep. For almost a decade and a half, Josh has been the closest friend I’ve ever had… like a brother, even. And, I’m assuming he always will be.

But, I have to be honest with you…

I knew of Josh for  as far back as I can remember. It just took me a while to finally get around to becoming his friend. question mark

Allow me to explain?

I’d met several of Josh’s friends over the years. These friends told some pretty incredible stories about this guy. I mean, really, really incredible stuff. And I thought, “Wow, if this guy is for real, I want to meet him!”

But, I was already juggling quite a few relationships of my own. And to be honest, most of my friends had heard rumors about Josh, and made fun of him. Okay, maybe I’d made fun of him once or twice, too. I guess you could say, he wasn’t popular with the cool kids. I would know… I ran with a pretty cool crowd. wink

But, one day, when I was in a bad place in my life, my cool crowd hung me out to dry. Not cool.

Totally bogus, as a matter of fact.

To be honest, I was pretty mad at them. So, I decided, “The heck with y’all. I’m going to go meet Josh!”

So, I immediately (Okay, maybe more like after hemming hawing for a bit) marched (and by marched, I mean tip-toed) my way over to Josh’s circle.

Side note:  Josh’s friends had told me over the years that he had asked about me. (Weird, right?)

Naturally my mind raced with questions like, “Did he wonder why I’d dissed him for so long?” And, “What if he calls me out as a hater in front of all of his friends?” Or, worst of all,

“What if the coolest dude in the world declines my friend request?”

I’m sure you can relate, right? Naturally, I did what any self-preserving girl would do. I spied on him. Well, not in a stalker kind of way, but more like…

Okay, yes. It was totally in a stalker sort of way.

I went to Josh’s stomping grounds and watched as he and his friends hung out together. Even weirder, I befriended those people and  when I thought Josh wasn’t around, asked them questions about him. Like I said, total stalker stuff. But, hey… a girl needs to be careful, right?

Another side note: Since that time, Josh has totally validated my stalker methodology. He said it was the right thing to do, as a matter of fact. So, BAM!)

Josh has changed my life. He’s a dream bestie. No one I’ve ever met compares to him. He’s the real deal.

Now here’s the part of my story that’s apt to blow your mind. Ready? Are you sure you want to know? Okay….

In our many conversations, Josh has actually inquired about you.  (You know, just regular stuff like, “do I know you?” and “would I mind sending you a message from him?” stuff like that.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, he wants to meet you.

So here, the deal. I know it can be scary. And weird. You also might have heard rumors about my friend. You might have met people who claim to be his friend, yet acted like jerks. And, it may seem like he wouldn’t fit in with your cool crowd.

So, I’m thinking maybe I could help. I mean, I’ve got those wicked stalker skills, after all.

If you’re thinking, “Thanks, anyway, but it sounds a little too weird for me.” that’s cool. I(and Josh) understand.

BUT, if your answer is, “Sign me up! I want to be a stalker!” all you have to do is meet me back here on Monday.

Easy. Peasy.

Hope to see you then!